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A 6 module, step-by-step, actionable breakdown of on-page and off-page SEO. Designed to demonstrate a return on investment for Marketers and Business Owners alike.

Please note: enrolment for Demystifying SEO has now closed indefinitely. You can find more SEO resources at


Module 1 – The Foundation

Covering all the basics to make sure your website, its structure and it's elements are ready for the Search Engines.


Module 2 – All About Keywords

Finding and validating keywords that will drive convertible traffic and resonate with your target audience.


Module 3 – Starting With Content

Like it or not, content is the fuel that makes the SEO engine work – create a strategy that takes your prospects on a journey!


Module 4 – Making content work for you

Now you've put in all the hard work on the page, its time to make that content earn its keep. Distribution and link building are paramount.


Module 5 – Maximising Exposure

You've covered all the bases from modules 1 through 4 – but is that all you can do? Of course not – here's an exploration of other tactics that will maximize your reach.


Module 6 – Measuring your success

So now you've put in all that hard work you need to tell the world (well, your client or employer at least) all the good news and the results of your labour!

Let me demystify SEO for you...

Fun fact: I once played the drums in front of over 1,000 people!

Putting the music career to one side, I started working with design agencies back in the early naughties (the years after 2000, you know what I mean...) as a web developer. Making websites "work" was what made me tick – and playing the "game" of SEO was something I started baking into my processes and the websites I built...

Fast forward 10 years or so, and SEO is now one of the best ways agencies and consultants can demonstrate regular value to their clients – and this course breaks this process down into easy and actionable steps that you can use right from Module 1!

Getting SEO "right" can seem like it's too much of a change to your existing processes – but I can show you that it's a mentality that, once understood, can be filtered down to a number of small changes, that together make a BIG impact!


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What will you receive?

Lifetime Access To All Course Resources

All resources will be hosted and delivered through our teaching platform. You’ll be able to log in and access all resources indefinitely.

Interactive Sessions And Resources

All modules include a video and a presentation of course materials. We then use a mix of worksheetscheatsheets, and other resources to give you everything you need to action the techniques discussed.

Join Our Facebook Community

As well as all the materials on the course, we also have a private Facebook group for all delegates to access.

We hold regular live seminars and mastermind calls, and you can get hold of me, or any of the other delegates in there too!

Still have some questions?

I am a business owner, not a marketer – is this course for me?

The course is based around the principles of good on and off-site SEO. If you’re a business owner doing this for yourself, then the course is absolutely for you, just as much as any marketing consultant.

Will I need to purchase expensive tools?

We do use some subscription software and will mention this as part of the course. Where possible we will also mention free alternatives or more cost-effective solutions that are available.

Will I have access to you during the course?

Yes – absolutely!

We have a private (and closed!) Facebook Group, and I conduct live sessions and group mastermind calls in the group.

You also have the experience of all the other students who have taken the course too ?

Are the course material available as soon as I register?

Yes! The teaching platform includes all of the materials and modules ready for you to consume as quickly or as slowly as you like.

If you need to repeat something that is no problem – just go back and watch it again!

How is the course content delivered?

The course is delivered through an online teaching platform. Each module will contain a number of videos (or “lessons”), some transcripts and some other materials where appropriate. This could be checklists or cheatsheets, or links to software / services online.

Are refunds available?

Yes! We want you to be completely satisfied with the course and the materials on offer. We therefore offer a 14 day money back guarantee, but we do have a few parameters around our policy.

  • Refunds are permitted within 14 days of purchase
  • Refunds are permitted if you have completed less than 40% entire course
  • A refund request will only be accepted once a delegate completes at least one entire module of the course
  • Refunds will not be granted simply because of a change of mind

If you wish to request a refund, simply email with your order number and the reasons that you want the refund.

What others say...

Lifetime access to all of this for just $397 (USD)

If that's not reason enough, we also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee!
What's not to like?!

What you waiting for?

Wait... there's more?!

There sure is...

Brand new in 2020 are the two advanced modules for Agency Owners...

The core course is VERY practical and on-page based. These two advanced modules are designed for Agency Owners to take that practical knowledge and deliver a chargeable service to their clients.

Advanced Module 1:
How to Sell SEO

This advanced module will teach you: 

  • How to sell SEO as a standalone service
  • How to incorporate SEO into your project cycle
  • How to price SEO services
  • The PROCESS for selling SEO that I've honed in multiple agencies over the last decade
  • Templates and swipe files for you to use in your own sales process


Advanced Module 2:
Designing an SEO Strategy that works

This advanced module will teach you: 

  • The cornerstones of an SEO strategy
  • Which data you need to consider (and what to avoid)
  • The discussions you need to have with clients
  • The micro-signs:
    • How to know when stuff is working
    • How to know when stuff ISN'T working and when to change strategy before disaster strikes!


Multi-buy discounts are available



Enrolment for Demystifying SEO is now closed

Enrolment for Demystifying SEO has now closed.

You can find mroe SEO and Digital Agency Resources at


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